Mr. Christian Favre

Mr. Yves Dubois

Mr. Facundo Agudin
Mrs. Magali Bourquin
Mr. Francis Morin
Mr. Jean-Michel Pittet

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If you wish, you can make a donation of the amount of your choice in favor of the Association du Concours d’Interprétation Musicale de Lausanne. Such a contribution would obviously be welcome. A contribution of at least CHF 100.- per individual person, or CHF 160.- per couple or legal person (contributions as below included), will allow you to attend the next Finalists Concert and Closing Cocktail free of charge.

You can also become a member of the Association by paying a contribution of Fr. 50.- per person, or Fr. 80.- per couple or per legal person per year.

We thank you for making your payment by e-banking to :

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Place Saint François 14, 1003 Lausanne

IBAN : CH03 0076 7000 C501 6825 4
Titulaire : Concours d’Interprétation Musicale de Lausanne

On request (to, we will be happy to send you a remittance slip for the payment of your cotisation.