Applications open on 15th December 2023 and must be sent before 22nd April 2024 included and may only be made electronically.

The Competition is open to pianists applicants born after 16th June 2000. It is open to any individual who is of Swiss nationality, as well as to any individual of foreign nationality who are living or studying music in Switzerland. First-prize winners at previous editions do not qualify for admission.


The application fee CHF 80.– and is non-refundable. You can pay this amount:

  • by TWINT® directly from the online registration form,
  • by bank transfer before you application online (proof of payment is required to complete your application) to:

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise
Place Saint François 14, 1003 Lausanne

IBAN : CH03 0076 7000 C501 6825 4
Titulaire : Concours d’Interprétation Musicale de Lausanne